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What is a hot and cold faucet? What categories are there?

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The hot and cold water faucet can realize the switching of hot and cold water at the same time, so as to meet the different needs of users for cold water and hot water, and can be called a mixing faucet at the same time. At present, hot and cold water faucets can be divided into basin faucets, vegetable basin faucets, and bathtub faucets according to different places of use.

Basin faucet: installed on the washbasin, used for hot water, cold water and mixed use of cold and hot water. Its shape can be changed, and it can be used for washing face and laundry. For general basin faucets, choose a higher faucet, which can leave space for washing.

single cold water faucet

Vegetable basin faucet: Vegetable basin faucet is generally used for washing vegetables and dishes, and it is required to reach a certain height to facilitate washing vegetables or washing dishes.

Bath faucet: bathtub faucet has relatively high requirements. It is generally used for controlling the main body and shower, and it is required to be higher than other faucets in terms of material and performance.

At present, there are many cold and hot water faucets on the market. In terms of materials, they have all-copper faucets, alloy faucets, first-time faucets, stainless steel faucets and other materials. Generally, stainless steel faucets are more commonly used.

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