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The faucet has been selected, which can make you feel more comfortable!

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Keyword: Vegetable basin faucet

Many people's faucets have never been replaced since the interior decoration. If the faucets are not easy to use, they can only use them.

Don't think that the kitchen basin in the restaurant and the faucet in the shower room are small, it is not worth mentioning, choose it, it can make you feel more comfortable in application!

faucet material

In the case of buying a faucet, everyone knows that the material of the faucet is very important, so let's discuss what raw materials are common in the faucet on the market and what are their characteristics.

Vegetable basin faucet

1. All copper faucet

If you look at it from the price point, the price of all copper faucets will be more expensive than other types of faucets.

The faucet made of refined copper has high wear resistance and corrosion of the conditioner. In addition, the inner cavity of copper faucets is not easy to grow bacteria, which means that you can get cleaner water. Many high-end faucets are all made of copper.

2. Alloy faucet

It should be said that the all-copper faucet is more expensive, so the alloy faucet is regarded as the more cost-effective among such faucets. Alloy faucets are all mass-produced, with large quantities and low-cost manufacturing. According to this factor, you should be able to guess its quality!

The durability is not very good, and after a long time, it will rust, mold, etc. It is very easy to cause residues and bacteria, and long-term use is harmful to the human body.

3. Stainless steel faucet

Stainless steel has high strength, does not contain lead, and does not release harmful substances, so stainless steel faucets are still very popular.

Limited by the characteristics of materials, the production and processing of stainless steel faucets is very difficult, and the cost is not low.

4. Ceramic faucet

Ceramic faucets that are not air-oxidized and rust-free are significantly different from the previous types of metallic luster faucets. And there are many choices in the style and color of the ceramic faucet. The plastic art in the faucet~ However, the ceramic material is relatively brittle. If the violent application is immediately broken into scum, choose carefully.

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