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What should I do if the water leaks at the rotating part of the vegetable basin faucet?

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Once we find that there is water leakage at the rotation of the faucet, we need to choose the same size of pliers and tweezers according to the thickness of the faucet. Then use pliers to slowly open the pressure hood on top of the faucet, then put a small tweezers inside the faucet to get the inside of the spindle out. Then we put a good pivot pad in and screw on the faucet cover.

1. When choosing a kitchen faucet, we must pay special attention to the material of the faucet. Because tap water is the water that is in daily contact, be sure to choose a material that is not easy to rust. If it is iron material it is easy to rust, if it is stainless steel or plastic material it is better.

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2. We need to choose the size and height of the faucet according to the height of our own vegetable basin or table basin. You can't just choose an unsuitable faucet for the sake of beauty and practicability from time to time, and you need to replace it at that time. Therefore, we need to measure the size we need first, and then choose and buy.

3. Most households will choose two basins for the vegetable basin. Therefore, in order to take into account people's use experience, we can buy some pull-out faucets, which can not only take care of both sides, but also clean the vegetable basin. clean.

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