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What is the installation method of the kitchen faucet?

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The vegetable basin is an indispensable thing in the kitchen. Of course, the most important thing is the faucet. The vegetable basin is designed to facilitate our lives, but if the vegetable basin faucet is broken, what is the use of the vegetable basin? , Then, how to install the vegetable basin faucet? Today, Pacific Sanitary Ware will take a look at the installation method of vegetable basin faucet, let’s take a look.

Vegetable basin faucet accessories

1: Connect the hose to the faucet

The first step when we install the vegetable basin faucet is to screw a hose to the faucet first, then put it into the vegetable basin hole, try to pull it to see if the connection between the hose and the faucet is firm, and then we Fix other fixtures that need to be assembled before fixing to the faucet.


2: Fix the faucet

The second step of the installation diagram of the vegetable basin faucet is to pass the assembled faucet hose through the vegetable basin, connect it to the fixing part, and then tighten it with some small tools such as screws. Pay attention to debugging during this installation. A good faucet is good. We must also pay attention to whether the connection between the faucet and the dish basin is tight or loose.


3: Connect the water inlet

The third step of the installation diagram of the vegetable basin faucet is to connect the water inlet. After fixing the faucet and the vegetable basin, we place the vegetable basin in a fixed position, and then connect the other end of the hose to the inlet of the water pipe. We should pay attention to it, if it is divided into hot and cold water, generally the left side is hot water, and the right side is cold water. After it is done, the installation of the vegetable basin faucet is completed.


Precautions for installation of vegetable basin faucet


If it is a constant temperature type faucet, we must check the hot and cold outlets of the water pipes before installation, and figure out the direction of the hot and cold water outlets, so as not to cause the wrong connection of the cold and hot water pipes, which may cause the vegetable basin faucet to not work normally. The vegetable basin faucet is used very frequently after installation. Because of the frequent movement, we must tighten the nut during installation to avoid some unnecessary troubles later, and we have to clear it before installation Various magazines and remnants of pipes.

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