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India launched a small-size toilets can save the country 10% of water

2011-08-30 21:41:35 Views: 1733


India introduced small today, India launched asmall toilet tank in the country, compared tobefore the flush toilet tank, you can save a lot of water.

Size toilet can save the country 10% of the water



According to the scientific advocacy group inNew Delhi DSF research that most developed countries have a small water tank standards,however India flush device continues to bethe use of large water tanks and 6 litreflush, and if 3 litres flush is used, willreduce the toilet water 40%, 8%-10% in the city water, to ease India drought has been abig help.

Most of India cities, including many largecities are facing a serious shortage ofdrinking water, and if the new tank standardspilot, saving of water will alleviate thisproblem. On took New Delhi for example, a five mouth daily of average clean toilet water is 200 rose, about has 2 million of family, and 70% of family has rushed water toilet, so daily flush of water about for 400 million rose, and if can reference new of tank standard, implementation a 3-5 years, so like New Delhi such of big city daily on can save 160 million of water, and annual will is 59 billion of save water.

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