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Sanitary product design diversity courses

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8090 consumer groups gradually rise, theirpursuit of quality of life has led the waveof personalized, especially for bathroomfixtures has his own opinions, which makestraditional bathroom products losing market.Bastion of product design is still stuck inthe past "practical" stage, will not be onlytowards diversification in the direction ofconsumers abandon.

Humanization: space meet the requirements ofhealthy, comfortable

Small apartment house decoration is now more and more, and many people want more space inthe small apartment decorating to decorate,save space becomes more popular, more popularspace saving bathroom products. Theseproducts can be customised for consumerkitchens, full use of kitchen space andspace, closer to the space needs, thusshowing a high degree of popular in thefashion crowd. In addition to design, brand alot, in the detail design and user experienceof comfort and health needs consideration.Sanitary products under reasonable partitionstorage storage items, making maximum use oflimited space, from the subtle life productdesign ideas.

Jaime Hayon's first guidelines is to meet thefunctional requirements, designers need totap their own habits, unconventionalthinking, tap the function extension ofsanitary products. Bathroom products stressed function, and intelligent as Design Center and purpose, will no longer to appearance for design of starting point, but research design of scientific, practical and convenient sex, while and consider to customer of costs and expenditure, put economic problem put to design in the, these features and most modern life habits phase anastomosis, this also decided has innovation, and practical style of bathroom products will is future a time within people select of mainstream trend.

Emotional: emotion tells the consumerinterest

Design is the expression of 

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